What’s in a Name

Once I get this short introduction out of the way, the contents of this post will mirror the “about” section of the blog.  First of all, the idea of trying to describe a blog site before ever writing a post seems a bit like trying to describe your kid’s personality when they are still in utero.  Nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to become clear with what I wanted this blog to be.  And as I finished writing, I realized I had completed not only the “about” section, but my first blog post.  So without further ado….

A campfire has a unique way of bringing people together.  Sitting around a campfire somehow seems to make people better talkers and better listeners.  Why?  Well, for one thing, a campfire never happens at 8:30am on a workday when people are busy being busy.  A campfire happens on a relaxing weekend evening, with other people also enjoying their leisure time.  Conversation will range from exchanging silly banter to sharing memories to having deep philosophical debates.  And I’ve noticed that, for some reason, in this setting, we tend to consider more and judge less.  Or at least I do.  And I think I’m not alone.

When huddled around a campfire with others, I frequently am drawn into conversations and subjects I didn’t expect. Very often they are so compelling that I will watch others gradually disappear into their tents while I remain with the few others that, like me, aren’t ready to say good night. We continue until the fire burns low. Before we know it, only the dull-red embers of the once raging fire remain. Half covered with ash, they silently listen as we continue our conversation. It’s too late to throw another log on, but not too late to enjoy these final minutes…maybe an hour if we’re lucky. Those are my favorite moments.

That’s why I decided to name our blog “Around the Embers”.  I’m writing the actual entries, but I want to feel like I’m talking with you, not to you.  Notice I referred to this as “our blog” a moment ago.  I want this to feel like those moments around the embers.  Yes, I’ll do the most talking, and I’ll cover a wide range of topics, some sounding like absurd lunacy and others contemplating the meaning of life.  But you, my friends, are invited, but not required, to be a part of the conversation.  Many blogs feature a “comments” section.  I not only welcome comments, but I strongly encourage you to use this feature.  I truly desire to know your thoughts, questions, criticism.  Bring it on.  And don’t feel you need to just respond to me.  Respond to each other.  That’s how a conversation works.

With that said, toss me a log.  We’ve got a long way to go.